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What is Chequebook? Definition & Benefits

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Do you know what is a chequebook?, If you do not know what is a chequebook & how to fill a cheque? then today I am going to give you complete information with the help of this article.

This chequebook is issued by the bank. When you open your account in the bank, the bank asks you whether you want a bank chequebook or not. If you do not know about bank chequebook, then how will you be able to use it. So let’s know about it in full detail.

What is Chequebook?

Chequebook is a kind of payment instrument through which you can pay by check without cash. This check is given to you by the bank, on which your bank details like – name, account number, IFSC code, MICR code, and cheque serial number are printed.

If you have to pay money to someone by check, then you should give it to that person by writing his name, date, and the number of money you have to pay on your check. When he deposits your cheque in his bank, the money will be transferred.

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What information is given on the chequebook?

  1. Cheque Number: When the bank issues you a chequebook which is like a book. And the serial number is written on every page. That is called the check number. This number is given below.
  2. Account Number: Your bank account number is written on it. If you give a cheque to someone then you do not have to write and check work in any bank.
  3. MICR Code: MICR code is also given on your check so that when the chequebook is passed to any other bank, it can know which branch and which city it is in the bank’s chequebook.

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How to Fill Chequebook?

  • In the chequebook, there is a column on the top left and a date (date) column, in which we have to write the date.
  • After this, pay is written on the left side, on which the name of the person or organization has to be written which is to be paid.
  • After this, in the column containing Rupees, the amount to be paid is written in words.
  • After that Rs. The amount has to be written in the digit box.
  • An a/c box comes on the bottom left of that chequebook, in which you have to write your account number. Nowadays almost all chequebooks have account numbers printed on them.
  • The name of the account holder or organization is given on the bottom right side of that chequebook, where you have to sign your signature or with the seal in case of the firm or company.

In this way, you can easily use the chequebook to be given or used to withdraw cash from the bank for yourself.

I expect the information given by me is what is the chequebook? The answer would have been found. So share this article with your friends so that they can also get information about it and take advantage of it.

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