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What is YouTube? How to earn online money from YouTube?


Friends, the name of youtube comes first to earn money online without spending any money, and here many people have become millionaires today, names like Carry Minati, Bhuvan Bam, Prajikta Koli, Amit Bhadana, Zakir Khan, Khan Sir, Sandeep Maheswari, etc will be on your tongue, And these people are not less than film celebrities, and at the same time their earnings sitting at home are also in lakhs, therefore, and you do not have to spend any money for YouTube on this, nor do you have to make any other kind of investment, and this Earning money from YouTube is very easy.

Friends, apart from earning money by uploading videos on YouTube, there are many ways that will help you earn money, so we will talk about how to upload videos by creating a YouTube channel for you, today we will talk about all these things in detail. will know-

To date, we have been hearing about some of these ways to earn money from the internet like blogs affiliate marketing data entry plans, etc. So we tell you the best option from which you can earn money.

The Internet has become cheap and fast after the arrival of Jio in India, since then youtube has become a way to earn money in India, and you can also call it an online business, and nowadays everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube. Which youtube video creator earns money? Also called YouTubers.

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What is YouTube?

Youtube is a video-sharing platform on which any person in the world can upload videos. This is absolutely free, that is, a free platform, for which you do not have to pay any kind of money, YouTube is a service of Google and like other services of Google, you get to see the youtube app on every mobile smartphone. Therefore, the chances of a video uploaded on YouTube going viral are very high compared to any other internet platform.

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How to make a YouTube channel?

  1. To upload videos to YouTube, you have to create an account on YouTube, which is called a Youtube channel. First of all, you will need a Gmail account. With the help of this, your YouTube channel will be created.
  2. You should name your YouTube channel in such a way that unique means something different and different, short and easy to remember.
  3. You design channel art and logo to make your channel professional.
  4. Write a video intro for your YouTube channel, that is, what the channel must tell about it. For example, if you are making a fitness, or cooking recipe channel, then you have to give information about it.
  5. You upload your own created videos on your channel. Which is only your copyright, it means do not steal someone else’s content, audio, video, or file, and do not put a video, create your own content.
  6. After uploading the video, share it with your friends and social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc. and you get more views.
  7. You ask people to subscribe to the channel in your video, this will make it easier for you to earn money further. When people start liking the video on your channel, then the views and subscribers on your video will also increase, then you can start earning money from your channel. There are many ways to earn money from youtube.

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