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Google announced to freezes hiring for two weeks


Google has announced a two-week freeze on all hiring, just days after telling employees it would slow the pace of recruitment for the rest of the year. In an email to staff seen by The Information, senior vice president Prabhakar Raghavan said the company would use the two-week pause “to review our headcount needs and align on a new set of prioritized Staffing Requests for the next three months.” Existing job offers won’t be rescinded, he said, but no new offers will be made until the freeze ends.

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Meta (Facebook) and Google had announcements last quarter that they were slowing down hiring growth (which meant they were still hiring, but actually less than originally planned). Now Google is “pausing” all new hiring for two weeks.

Pausing for 2 weeks sounds trivial. But that could end up making it easier to further reduce hiring growth by another 10%.

Weeks left in the year: 23
Remove major holiday weeks where hiring overall slows down: -3

So there are 20 weeks left in the year to make offers. Removing 2 weeks from that gets you to that 10% number.

(Obvious caveat that hiring isn’t by any stretch linear. But this is an interesting lever that Google is pulling just ahead of their earnings announcement next week Monday.)