Investment in Startup by Virat Kohli

We all know that Virat kholi is Greatest Cricket player of the world.  

Is Virat Kholi a Businessman?

YES, virat kohli is businessman. There are so many company of virat kohli 

Is Virat Kohli an Invester?

YES, virat kohli is Invester. There are so many company  Invested  by virat kohli.

lList of Virat Kohli own Company

1- One8 Commune 2- Nueva 3-  Puma One8 4- FC Goa 5- UAE Royals 6- Bengaluru Yodhas 7- Wrogn 8- Stepathlon Kids

List of Virat Kohli Invested Company

1- Rage Coffee 2- Blue Tribe 3- Sport Convo 4- Universal Sportsbiz 5- Galactus Funware Technology Pvt Ltd (MPL) 6-  Digit 7- Chisel Fitness 8- Hyperice

List of company in those invested by both Virat-Anushka

1- Blue Tribe 2- Digit

Now you will know that Virat Kohli is a Cricketer as well as a Businessman or Investor.

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