Y Combinator Backed with Shelf a neobank Startup (YC 22)

Hi all! We’re Vedant & Paras Rajput, the founders of Shelf!

Shelf is a Neobank for Young Professionals in India.

We’re helping you: 1. Pay for only your share even in a group payment ✅ 2. Save more and have increased spending capacity ✅ 3. Reduce the Time and Effort needed for banking ✅

The products we are providing: 1. – Personal Shelf: Budget what you’re gonna spend and where.

The products we are providing: 2. – Shared Shelf: For common expenses with your friends

3. – Shelf Cards (launching soon): A super card to serve all your payment-related needs (Interchangeable Group & Personal card)

Hey! Thank You for being you here ❤️