Zerodha has never hired anyone from an IIM or an IIT according to Nithin Kamath.

He said that it was difficult to fit such people within the organization and that they had never hired a single person from IIM, he revealed during a podcast.

I don’t know how quickly I’ll get a promotion when someone comes to me and says, Nithin. I don’t know where our business is going to be, how can I tell you?

Kamath said that he did not consider educational degrees when hiring candidates. The core team, the people who do important stuff at Zerodha, we see if they are passionate about the cause. Kamath says education doesn’t matter.

The company reported  profits of Rs. 2000 crore last year, which is the highest ever for an Indian internet company.

Kamath is personally worth Rs. 17,500 crores, and is one of the richest people in India.

Zerodha chose to self-fund its operations and grew slowly over a decade. While most companies have massive marketing and advertising budgets, Zerodha has never spent any money on marketing and chooses to instead let its product do the talking.

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